Blofeld Modifier Simulator

Get to know your musical partner better!

Despite its size, the Waldorf Blofeld is a complex musical instrument. It is not easy to understand modulations, modifiers and their options. Frequture offers with the Blofeld Modifier Simulator a tool that makes it easy to learn how to use your synthesizer. You can recreate all settings of the Blofeld and get direct visual feedback about your changes. With little experiments you can playfully find out how the modulations work.

Simulator on Computer Screen

You can use and view the following modulation sources: constant values, ADSR envelope and LFO (with all waveforms and options). Of course you can use all modifier algorithms. In addition, the play mode allows you to simulate the signals in real time or slow-motion. So not only can you see how the values change over time, you can also use the trigger button to imitate a keystroke. This way you can start your envelopes and observe how freely synchronized LFOs behave. The simulation speed, zoom and scale display are fully adjustable.
On top of that you get a real-time calculation display that shows you the algorithm and the way modifier values are derived from the sources.
The hidden secrets of your beloved synthesizer are finally revealed!

What makes the Blofeld Modifier Simulator special?


  • 4 modulation sources at once
  • 4 modifiers at once
  • View of the signals can be turned on and off
  • Marker for current values
  • Modulation sources: LFO, ADSR, constant value
  • LFO waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, random, sample and hold
  • LFO options: speed, free/fixed phase, phase value, synchronization, global
  • Envelope with adjustable attack, decay, sustain and release
  • Modifier algorithms: plus, minus, multiplication, maximum, minimum, binary and, binary or, binary xor
  • Adjustable zoom range (1 ms to 10 min) and graph scale (milliseconds, seconds, minutes, Hertz)
  • Calculation display with detailed explanation of every modifier algorithm and real-time calculation for the current modifier values
  • Simulation play mode with play/pause and reset
  • Simulation speed adjustable (slow-motion, real-time, time lapse)
  • Note trigger button imitates a keystroke for envelope reset and LFO re-synchronization

For buy from within the EU.

This product is also included as a benefit in the membership for the Synthevis YouTube channel.

What you get

  • Stand-alone software for
    • Windows 7 or higher (x64)
    • MacOS Catalina or higher (x64) – experimental
    • Linux, Debian-based (x64)
  • Browser-based lightweight version (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera…) – experimental

The MacOS version is not signed and must be opened this way: Hold CTRL key and right click on the app, select “open”. Otherwise you get an error message pop-up.
The browser version should work with every modern browser on every modern device like smartphones and tables.