Patches for Waldorf Blofeld

Which sounds banks are available?

We are offering three different sound banks for the Blofeld: “Best of”, “Strings and Pads” and “Table Dancer”.

The first sound bank contains only 11% of the second one. The third one is completely new. So try all of them to unleash the full potential of your Blofeld!

128 Sounds


128 Sounds

Vintage Strings

128 Sounds


The easiest way to get more out of your Blofeld!

Give your beloved synth some packages of fresh sounds and enjoy the new power which will break out of the metal case. Every Frequture sound bank for Blofeld contains 128 handcrafted patches for direct use. We spent many, many hours of careful programming so that you have more time to start immediately with your music.

Every sound package for Blofeld contains:

  • 128 inspiring patches for direct use in your music
  • No sampling option needed!
  • No custom wavetables needed!
  • You choose the destination bank in your Blofeld
  • Detailed list of all patches as .pdf file

What you get

Best of

If you want to be surprised what your Blofeld can do, choose this one!

Strings and Pads

Rise into overwhelming spheres, floating in warm strings and soft pads.

Table Dancer

Get the only true rough, hard and digital wavetable sound which you love and expect and love from a Waldorf synth!

For buy from within the EU.

For buy from within the EU.

For buy from within the EU.

This product is also included as a benefit in the membership for the Synthevis YouTube channel.

How to load the patch banks

You choose the destination bank! The 128 sounds fit perfectly into one single patch bank in the Blofeld.
So you get 8 SysEx files, one for every possible position bank.

You can also try our free MIDI SysEx Loader software!