SysEx Loader

MIDI SysEx Loader

What is the MIDI SysEx Loader?

The MIDI SysEx Loader is an easy way to upload SysEx files from your computer to your synthesizer. You don’t need to install anything – just download and start!

  • Free download
  • Windows and Linux (both x64)
  • No installation
  • No ads, no spam, no malware
  • Works for every synthesizer

Is it for everyone?

How to use

  1. Download the MIDI SysEx Loader
  2. Extract the archive file
  3. Put the SysEx file(s) into the “sysex” folder
  4. Connect the synth to your computer and turn it on
  5. Start the “start” file and wait for the software to open
  6. Choose the corresponding MIDI input of your synth
  7. Choose the SysEx file
  8. Click on the “send to device” button
  9. Wait until it shows the “finished” message