Java Code Analysis

Sometimes you need a fresh and objective perspective. We support you in the evaluation and further development of your code.

Java Code Analysis

Sometimes you need a fresh and objective perspective. We support you in the evaluation and further development of your code.

Why choose Frequture?

We attach great importance to high standards in all respects.

  • Strict but fair
  • Fast and affordable
  • Evaluation according to objective standards
  • Realistic results and concrete advice
  • Code deleted after analysis
  • Discretion and data protection

Report types

We can create different types of Java code reports for you, depending on whether you are in the process of integrating a software solution into your organization or whether you are developing code yourself.


Audits are code reviews for potential users of a software. They are designed to ensure that the use of the product is a solid foundation for your business. As a neutral third party, we can provide both sides with a comprehensive picture of the code’s quality.

Code Analysis

The skills shortage, legacy code, and increased demand for automation are making software development an increasingly complex endeavor. Failed projects, low work efficiency and product instability are the consequences. We can provide important information to correct the code with our analysis to make programming fast and successful.

Java Code Analysis for Developers


  • Rights to the code
  • Maven or Gradle based Java project
  • Project manager, product owner, software architect or developer
  • Commercial, private or open source project
  • Location in EU or USA


  • Open our upload page
  • Enter your data
  • Select your analysis types and scopes
  • Upload your project code
  • We will mail you when the analysis is finished
  • You get a secure login to your dynamic analysis page
  • We delete your source code on our servers

What you get

  • Deep analysis and assessment of your code
  • Fast and affordable
  • Transparent price calculator
  • Configurable scopes
  • Scopes: Statistics, Structure, QA
  • Recommendations and task list
  • Dynamic report with sortable and filterable data

Dynamic code analysis report


Our code analysis service is very often better than self-managed tools or reviews by an external consultant.

Special offer

  • 30% discount with our partner program*

    Show your commitment to code quality and become a reference customer on our website!
  • Free analysis for open source*

    Do you love open source? We do too! That’s why every open source software gets an annual analysis from us for free.

*More on this in our service terms and conditions. Select the appropriate options while ordering the service.

The right book for all IT managers

I can’t connect to the Git server with my IDE to check out the project for debugging.

If you know software developers who talk like this, you need “Coding Terms Explained”. Over a hundred terms, phrases and topics of modern coding are explained in detail, focusing on relevance and effect form the perspective of product owners and project managers. And instead of insisting on scientific formulations,
Philipp Winniewski decided to keep all texts short and simple.

Some of the topics covered in this book:

  • Machine Learning
  • Technical Debts
  • Performance vs. Persistence
  • Virtualization and Docker
  • Bugs and Debugging
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Encryption
  • Refactoring
  • Programming by Contract

Java Audit Service

The majority of technology purchases come with a high degree of regret*.
If you want to implement Java-based software in your company, we will perform the code review for you.
This way you can put your business on a solid foundation.


How does the audit work?


The software provider uploads the Java code

The developer can also request a code report

Frequture Analysis

We perform our in-depth Java analysis

All parties involved receive access to the corresponding reports directly from us


The future user of the software receives an accurate assessment of the quality with clear recommendations

Dynamic audit report

  • Selectable scopes
  • General recommendations
  • Overall rating and individual grades per aspect
  • Recommendations depending on individual parameters
  • Interactive report in English and German with glossary
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses

We perform a neutral assessment of a Java code base for you. In doing so, we always approach it strictly but fairly. In addition to assessments and recommendations for the user, we can provide the developer with helpful tips, so that both sides benefit cost-effectively from our service.



  • The software provider is the contractor
  • Their developers upload the Java code via the Frequture web interface


  • We check the code
  • All commissioned scopes will be considered
  • We create dynamic reports for the developers and the end user


  • We send access to the dynamic reports directly to the respective target groups by e-mail
  • If there are still questions, we will naturally be available to answer them