21st Century Music

Discover the possibilities that Frequture opens up for music creators and consumers! Our goal is to use modern technology to push the boundaries of what music can do. Our software helps musicians around the world realize their ideas and explore new paths.

What is Frequture?

We are a small-scale company from Zellingen in Bavaria, Germany. Additionally to individual IT services of all types, we are focussing primarily on music creation technology. That’s why our slogan is 21st century music!
The further development of sound art in itself is our goal and this is why we want to support all interested musicians and artists discovering new worlds with our products. Starting with video tutorials and music software, we provide assistance and help in many music related topics for everyone who is interested in modern electronic composition. Our wish is to extend the community of music enthusiasts and lovers. And of course we hope to discover more and more amazing sound scapes for deep diving into enjoyment. The anticipation of these adventures is what drives us!

I personally have the impression that we are dealing with a sound set whose creator knows the synth completely. Finally, features like aftertouch are being used. Not to mention the mod matrix! The individual sounds are very varied and want to be explored not only by keyboard. That makes a lot of fun.

“Winglad” – Sequencer.de synthesizer forum

What is the story of Frequture?

Frequture was founded in 2019 but the origins of our company started a few years before that. The YouTube channel “Synthesizer Video Service” (or SyntheViS) is running since 2016, gaining more and more subscribers with a wide range of tutorials about servicing music hardware, configuring electronic sound generators and tips on composing techniques.
After some time, a growing number of watchers asked us where they could buy the sounds and simulation software which we use in our videos. This is why we decided to also make the corresponding tools available for everyone.
Moreover, since we started our business, Frequture gets increasingly orders for individual solution development for musicians and non-musicians in the IT sector.
In the future, we don’t want to limit ourselves and draw the border with explaining the current state of music to sound artists. Our slogan is not an empty phrase but a promise: We are going to build a path to new modern and still unknown possibilities which will elevate every music creator and consumer into completely new spheres. With our products, we are going to design the future of music history.

Quantum Tutorial

Who is behind Frequture?

The founder of Frequture is Philipp Winniewski. He was born in 1991 as the son of musically and technologically interested parents. It became clear very quickly that music is his passion. As a teenager, he started gaining programming experience with the familiy’s home computer. Naturally, the profession goal after leaving school in 2011 could only be computer science.

Philipp Winniewski started his studies at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg, Bavaria, and graduated in 2014 as a bachelor and in 2016 with an “excellent” master degree in computer science. Since then, he is gaining practical work experience as a software developer, customer advisor and project coordinator in an internationally operative mid-sized company within the language industry.

In 2016, he build the foundation for this own YouTube channel “Synthesizer Video Service” for music creation and sound programming, an affair of the heart. After some time, he decided to make his hobby a profession and so he founded Frequture avocational in 2019, building up his child with dedication and care, in order to realize his ideas for a re-design of music and composition.

“A long as I remeber, music is, and always was, the center of my life. As a little child, I observed mesmerized the turning of the vinly which was the source of these incredible electronic sounds, dancing from the speakers into my ears and my heart. I simply needed to know where these noises came from and how one could make them. So I started to keep myself busy with electronic sound creation.
Soon I began to understand that computer science and technology are also larger parts of this digital magic. Frequture is the perfect possibility for me to devote myself to both of my passions.”

Philipp Winniewski

Philipp Winniewski

Founder and managing director

What does Frequture offer?

On the one hand, we are offering a wide range of learning material like video tutorials and simulation software to make electronic sound creation and composition easier to understand and to apply. On the other hand, we are providing tools like synthesizer sounds and computer scrips for the inclusion of controller hardware to make people start creating innovative and amazing music.

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One more thing…

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Where is the home of Frequture?

Our beautiful home is Lower Franconia in Bavaria. Here, where the river Main meanders through idyllic landscapes and many small hills and mountains make an ideal wine cultivation possible,
we find the peace and quiet to relax with all our strength and to be able to dedicate ourselves to our goals. Nowhere else do we feel us more at home.

With a good balance of industry, education, trade and tourism as well as city and country, Main-Franconia is not only an interesting place to live, but also an advantageous location for companies in every sector. This is already evident from the fact that tradition and modernity go hand in hand here. We are very pleased to be able to strengthen and expand this business location in the IT sector!