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Frequture Products in Synthevis YouTube Membership (international!)

Finally, there is a way for all of you living outside the European Union to get Frequture products (i.e. the Waldorf Blofeld and Quantum/Iridium sound banks)! Our products are now included in the YouTube membership for the channel “Synthesizer Video Service”.

What is a YouTube Membership?

A YouTube Membership is a special type of subscription for a channel where the subscriber pays a monthly fee (i.e. by PayPal) to get a benefit. This membership can be quit every month. So a subscriber can also subscribe just for one single month but also for an arbitrary time range. There are five different membership levels/stages with different benefits. Check out this site (click) for more information.

We want to say sorry because it took such a long time to find a proper workaround and we want to thank you very much for your patience!