Simulator on Computer Screen

Blofeld Modifier Simulator out now!

Many of you asked for the simulator software. And now everyone can get it! A first version of the software was used on the YouTube channel “Synthesizer Video Service” to explain what modifiers do in a Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. Now […]

MIDI SysEx Loader now available

Our MIDI SysEx Loader software is now available as a free download for Windows and Linux! This software needs no installation. Just download the package, extract the archive. Insert your SysEx file into the “sysex” folder and click on start. […]

Frequture shop open!

Finally! The Frequture shop is now open and the Blofeld patch banks (“Best of” and “Strings and Pads” with 128 sounds each) are available for download. You can choose a price between 25€ and 45€ – it’s your decision! What you […]

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