Frequture shop open!


The Frequture shop is now open and the Blofeld patch banks (“Best of” and “Strings and Pads” with 128 sounds each) are available for download. You can choose a price between 25€ and 45€ – it’s your decision! What you get is a set of SysEx files, one for every possible destination bank in the Blofeld. You just have to load the SysEx into the Blofeld. We wish you a lot of fun and inspiration with your handcrafted patches 🙂

The Frequture shop is officially open for Germany (though I can not prove that you are not from Germany) 😉 The official international start is expected to be on jan. 1st 2020 due to bureaucratic taxation reasons. We support the payment methods classic direct bank transfer and PayPal.

If you want to get in touch with us, feel free to contact us via . If you have any questions regarding the shop or our product, send a mail to .

Thank you so much for your patience!