Table Dancer Box Image

New sounds for Waldorf Blofeld: Table Dancer

We know that you love the Blofeld just as we do. That’s why we programmed two awesome and successful sound banks for this beauty: Best of and Strings and Pads. And now Frequture is proud to present a new, third sound bank for all Waldorf Blofeld synthesizers, the Table Dancer!

Why a third sound bank?

In the Best of sounds, we wanted to provide a huge variety of special patches for every situation, in the studio or live. Additionally to that, the Strings and Pads bank was meant to show the warm and soft side of this little beast. But the heart of every Blofeld (and every other Waldorf synth) is the wavetable synthesis. The Blo keeps the unique heritage of the microWAVEs and even the PPG Waves. Of course, we had to make a new powerful sound bank for wavetables only! That’s why we decided to create a new bank, Table Dancer, to honor the fantastic digital wavetable sound and to teach your Blofeld how to make you happy 🙂

What you get

  • 128 completely new patches for your Waldorf Blofeld synth (desktop or keyboard)
  • All sounds are using wavetables only
  • All patches were programmed carefully by hand
  • Wide range of hard and soft digital sounds
  • Categories: Keys, Arp, Pad, FX, Lead, Seq
  • Almost all sounds are using mod-wheel and aftertouch
  • No sample licence needed
  • No custom wavetables needed
  • Detailed list of all patches as .pdf file with position, name, category, description, effect slot 2, mod-wheel and aftertouch effect
  • Easy transfer with the Frequture SysEx loader (check out here)
  • Select any destination bank A to H

How to get the new patches

Just like all our other sound banks, you can visit our shop (from within the EU) or you can check out our YouTube membership programm if you are living outside the EU. We decided to bring the new Table Dancer sound bank for the same reduced price as our other Blofeld patches so that you can afford this unique experience!