Shop open for EU + Blofeld Sound Bank Demos

Two good news: Our shop is finally open for all customers in the European Union (until Brexit) and you can now listen to our sound bank demonstration!

Buy from everywhere in the EU!

Just go to the Frequture online shop to get all our software products for musicians and music enthusiasts. If you want to know how to you can make an order, visit our explanation about how to use the shop.

Of course, you can pay by classic bank transfer and PayPal. When the payment has arrived, the download will be activated immediately for you.

What about the Brexit?

First of all, we are going to offer a normal service to all UK customers until the Brexit date (which is the end of january 2020 – until no other information provided). After Brexit, we are going to remove UK from the shop as a destination country. It will take some time to figure out how to perform a proper sale to the UK and to check all tax related issues.

Sound bank demonstration

We are happy to announce the new demonstration videos for our Frequture Blofeld patch banks!

Above all in these two videos, you can hear both sound banks in action and in musical context. This will help you imagine how our hand crafted patches will sound in your music. And what sonic power is waiting for you to be controlled.