Blofeld Modifier Simulator out now!

Many of you asked for the simulator software. And now everyone can get it! A first version of the software was used on the YouTube channel “Synthesizer Video Service” to explain what modifiers do in a Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. Now this software was completely re-built and extended to find its way on your computer.

What does this simulator?

This simulator shows you what modulation sources and modifiers do in the synthesis engine of a Waldorf Blofeld. You get drawn signals for up to four modulation sources and modifiers. Press the play button to see calculations in real-time.

How can use this simulator?

If you want to understand what a Waldorf Blofeld does internally or if you just want to understand digital signal processing in a synth, this software is perfect for you!

We created different versions for you:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS (experimental)
  • Browser-based (experimental)

The browser-based version should run on every modern internet browser and on every modern device.

How can I get the simulator?

This product is now in our shop (for EU) and also included in the YouTube Membership of the channel “Synthesizer Video Service”.